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X Grid Static Mixer for lamina Flow applications

The GX static mixer has been used successfully for the laminar flow mixing and/or dispersion of viscous fluids for over 35 years. It is a high performance static mixer capable of mixing materials with equal or very large differences in viscosity and volumetric ratio. Mixing is accomplished in a short length with a very high degree of mixing.


Figure #11
X-Grid Static Mixers


Mixing Capabilities




Figure #12
Evolution of mixing efficiency through GXM elements with static mixer blue and white resins (1:1 volumetric ratio)

Materials of Construction, Housings and End-Connections
The GX static mixer can be supplied in most materials of construction, pipe/tube housings with virtually any end connection (Figure #13). GX-P mixing elements in 9.3 - 9.4mm outside diameter size are also available in plastic construction (Figure #14).


Figure #13
Complete GX Static Mixer


Figure #14
GX Mixing elements


History of GX Static Mixing Structure
The GX static mixer was invented by Bayer AG of Leverkusen, Germany in the mid 1970’s. Bayer used the GX static mixer extensively in their polymer plants and subsequently licensed the design to Sulzer Chemtech of Winterthur, Switzerland who trademarked the design as the SMX* static mixer. Sulzer did a tremendous amount of fundamental high quality R&D work on the SMX structure and commercialized the SMX static mixer in tens-of-thousands of successful installations. The founders of StaMixCo held key technical and management positions in the Koch Engineering (the later Koch-Glitsch)-Sulzer Chemtech team that commercialized the SMX static mixer. Bayer licensed their 2nd generation of the SMX static mixer to StaMixCo which is branded as the GXR structure with integral support ring around the X-Grid mixing bars as described in a previous section of this web site.

* StaMixCo is not a distributor of or affiliated with Sulzer Chemtech. SMX is a brand and trademark of Sulzer Chemtech.