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StaMixCo specializes in static mixers (motionless mixers with no moving parts) for laminar flow applications such as for the homogenization of polymer melts in plastics injection molding and extrusion equipment, mixing/dispersing in polymer production (similar viscosity and high/low viscosity materials).

We design and manufacture a wide variety of metal and plastic static mixers. Some designs are best suited for processing highly viscous polymer materials some for processing low viscosity materials in ozonation (and / or also special gas / liquid contracting operations).

Designs range from licensed patented products, own patented designs and industry standard designs that pioneered static mixing technology dating back to the late 1960’s.

Established 2003:
StaMixCo-Switzerland and StaMixCo-USA were established in 2003 after being granted an exclusive world-wide license from Bayer AG, Germany. The licensed GXR Double-Roof Disk Static Mixer combines intense mixing with incredibly strength. This unique combination is ideally suited for processing viscous materials in severe service applications such as plastics injection molding and extrusion; polymer manufacture; and mixing 2-component viscous resins such as adhesives, varnishes, urethanes, sealants, liquid silicone rubber (LSR), etc.

Company Founders:
The company founders are the technical cornerstone of the StaMixCo companies. Their personal know-how includes over 60 years of accumulated experience in the field of static mixing, reaction and heat transfer technology dating back to early commercialization of the static mixing industry in 1972. During their careers as employees of leading static mixing companies, they have published dozens of static mixer related technical articles in books, magazines and conferences; have been listed as inventors in over a dozen patents and patents pending; and have been directly responsible for designing and commercializing all the static mixers now offered by the StaMixCo companies.


Customer Service, Sales & Technical Support:
Technical support is provided by StaMixCo corporate headquarters in Dinhard, Switzerland; Brooklyn, New York, USA; and an extensive network of partners, distributors and sales representatives in the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia-Pacific.


New Owner
We would like to inform you that the company Stamixco AG was sold by April 10. 2012.

The founder of Stamixco, Mr. Gottlieb Schneider has sold his company. The company will move to a new address in Winterthur (it’s about 10 km between Dinhard and Winterthur).
Mr. Gottlieb Schneider himself will fully work with the new owner and will continue being their consultant for static mixers. Thus there will not much change in the future with the co-operation.

The new owner of Stamixco AG is Mr Bernhard Hug. Since 1995 he has been involved in the field of static mixing technology as well as fluid dynamics and he is the owner of the company Flowtech Industries AG. The Flowtech team will manage and support the operations and activities of Stamixco AG. The headquarters of Stamixco AG will move to the existing location of Flowtech Industries AG in Winterthur, which lies approximately 10 KM from the former location of Dinhard.

Stamixco AG    
Kronaustrasse 10   New Address
CH-8404 Winterthur   New City
Switzerland   unchanged
Phone +41 52 338 17 11 unchanged
Fax +41 52 338 17 33 unchanged
e-mail info@stamixco.com unchanged
  g.schneider@stamixco.com unchanged
  b.hug@stamixco.com New
  a.tschenett@stamixco.com New
  s.auer@stamixco.com New
Homepage www.stamixco.com unchanged
MwSt. No. CHE-109.883.341 unchanged
Bank Accounts Credit Suisse unchanged

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Stamixco Company Headquarter Locations:

Territory: Europe, Asia-Pacific, Africa
Stamixco Ltd.
Kronaustrasse 10
CH-8404 Winterthur, Switzerland
Tel: + 41 52 338 17 11
Fax: + 41 52 338 17 33
E-mail: info@stamixco.com
Web Site: www.stamixco.com

StaMixCo USA
Territory: North & South America
StaMixCo LLC
235-84th Street
Brooklyn, New York, 11209 USA
Tel: +1 718 748-4600
Fax: +1 718 833-8827
E-mail: info@stamixco-usa.com
Web Site: www.stamixco-usa.com